Our Brands

Luminell AS

Luminell AS is a company that creates and supplies a new generation of outdoor LED floodlights for the maritime industry. The history of Luminell started back in 2008 when the first connection with the maritime industry was established. After conducting a survey to locate the needs and demands in the segment of lights, our first marketing strategy was developed supported by students from Aarhus University. We developed our first prototype; Luminell Offshore Floodlight - LOF. An important milestone was the placing of the LOF-prototype on the vessel Olympic Hera the autumn of 2009.

Luminell AS has developed the RLX-series. Among well known and established operators, we are of the very first to offer powerful LED floodlights that are designed to increase safety and handle the strains of extreme environments. The fixtures have a lifetime up to 100.000 hours, simulate daylight that increases contrasts and bright colors and reduce power consumption up to 80%. Nothing is compromised and the developments of the product have taken place in close cooperation with shipping companies, ship designers and ship yards.

By using Luminell AS and the RLX series, we can guarantee a brighter environment for you and your employees.