Our Brands

Giga Tera

Giga Tera is a brand of LED lighting product launched by KMW Co Ltd, a company with the most cutting-edge advanced technology in the world.

KMV possess a wide assortment of product lines including panel lighting, interior lighting, high bay lighting and much more. KMW is also developing specialized lighting products that consist of combining lighting and communications technology. Among our product lines and unavailable at any other company is IT converged lighting, a Giga Tera has recruited and employs various specialists to ensure the development of products of the highest calibre. The process from concept design of indoor-outdoor lighting to equipment design, artwork, coating and driver are all conducted in-house by the team at Giga Tera. Keeping the process in-house ensures the safe and reliable manufacture of the finished product.

Giga Tera will no doubt usher in a word of lighting that is most user-friendly.